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Mini First Aid Kit -108 PCS


Presenting our exceptional offering: a comprehensive kit that’s not only a collection of life-saving essentials but also a testament to preparedness. Let’s dive into the details:

Essential Arsenal: A curated collection of tools designed to make a difference in critical moments. From the versatile Triangular Bandage to the reliable PBT Conforming Bandage, and even the tactical Latex Tourniquet – each piece serves a purpose.

Survival Mastery: This kit isn’t just a set of items; it’s a compact survival companion. Encased in a cleverly designed bag, it boasts an extra storage pocket and pouch, ensuring you’re equipped for whatever comes your way.

Adventure-Ready: Whether you’re embarking on wilderness explorations or urban escapades, our kit has you covered. With a waterproof surface and zipped pouch, it’s tailor-made for travel and outdoor activities, safeguarding your essentials in any environment.

Versatile Champion: Imagine a kit that seamlessly transitions from the kitchen to the playground, from road trips to mountain trails. It’s your go-to for Home, College, Outdoors, Workplace, Kitchen, and a plethora of thrilling adventures.

Efficiency Redefined: Don’t be fooled by its compactness; this mini powerhouse packs a punch. With 108 hospital-grade supplies, it’s a weightless marvel at just 0.22 pounds. Its portable design ensures you’re always ready, no matter where you are.

Emergency Partner: When seconds count, our kit stands by your side. The waterproof nylon construction ensures durability, making it a trusted companion in every situation.

Empowered to Respond: Equipped with 78 essential items, it’s your ultimate tool to provide first aid in emergencies. From basic cuts to unforeseen situations, you’re equipped to take charge and make a difference.

Secure your journey with this remarkable kit, and become the embodiment of readiness and resilience.

In the package will find:
1 X Triangular Bandage: 96x96x136cm
1 X PBT Conforming Bandage: 5x450cm
1 X Latex Tourniquet: 2.5x46cm
1 X Nonwoven Position Tape: 1.25×4.5m
1 X First Aid Scissors: 9cm
1 X Plastic Tweezers: 10.5cm
10 X Safety Pin 3cm
5 X Band-aid : 1.7cmx7cm
5 X Non-woven Tablets :5*5cm
5 X Alcohol Tablets:5*5cm
5 X Iodine Tablets:5*5cm
60 X Cotton Swabs
1 X First Aid Guide
1 X First Aid Bag



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